Naviaddress is a unified digital ID for any place and object in real and virtual worlds

Focused industries

  • E-commerce, Delivery and Fulfillment
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes
  • Smart cities and governments
  • Taxi and Transportation
  • Above-the-line advertisement
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • IoT

Digital addressing system for the 21st century

New addressing patent pending algorithm

  • Universal and consistent as it is clear in any language, digits-only format
  • Convenient for verbal and digital communications
  • Precise since geocoordinates are embedded (ideal for drone delivery and IoT)
  • Personalized designed to contain embedded metadata, additional information and user generated content
  • Searchable in Internet can be found by search engines and bots (Google, Bing, Yandex, Telegram, etc.)
  • Event – related naviaddress for an event, room/table booking, party invitation, etc.

Types of naviaddresses – obtain postal or create and share custom

Postal* naviaddress

[44] 120366

Custom** naviaddress

[44] 260118

Premium*** naviaddress

[33] 57006
[65] 3

* Refers to location with a postal address

** Refers to any location or object on the planet

*** Short custom naviaddress, 1-5 digits


  • Digital addressing system with no dependency on the central authority – users create and own their digital delivery addresses
  • Secure, on-demand and low-cost digital access (trustless location IDs)
  • Naviaddress ownership registration with smart contracts application
  • Decentralized storage of naviaddresses

Key Features

  • Ethereum Blockchain ID ownership management SW solution
  • BigchainDB, IPFS distributed, reliable and cheap metadata storage
  • Open sourced oriented SDK and API providing access to the platform
  • Mobile and web blockchain enabled applications

Sources of demand for NAVI

Key growth drivers by 2021 (as with short domain names for e-com businesses)

10s of millions

Online, shared economy businesses will demand for 10s of millions of naviaddresses

30 global partners by 2021

Build and run country level Business Development Partners Network for a deployment and global roll-out of subscription businesses for Premium naviaddresses. We plan to co-invest with the Partner in the subscription business.

300 MM NAVIs

The forecast – by 2021 c. 300 MM NAVIs (30%) of all issued NAVIs shall be burned for creation of the ecosystem and Partners Network.

Naviaddress value link with the real world

Example of intrinsic value per one premium (short) naviaddress


[33.1] 3300

Price now @
TGE NAVI price

10 NAVI = USD 0.5

Potential rental price
in 1-2 years from TGE

USD 10 per month

Naviaddress intrinsic
value @ 10% cap rate

USD 1200

A Premium naviaddress can be bought after TGE for 10 NAVIs at TGE price of USD 0,05 and later leased out for USD 120 per annum. At 10% cap rate it will return USD1200 –intrinsic value.

Monetization through NAVI revenue

Freemium model

Premium naviaddresses (1 to 5 digits) – shall be sold through auctions. The platform shall retain the difference between auction price and nominal NAVI price (price-list) for the premium address. Price is paid by a user.

Custom/Standard address (from 6 to 18 digits) price shall be paid by the Platform for a user.

The platform shall also charge fees for:

  • Auctioning of naviaddresses – secondary market
  • Storing of content rich private metadata over certain storage capacity limit

NaviToken offering terms – II

Allocated for ICO – 500 MM NAVIs
HardCap – USD 25 MM

NAVI price for all stages:
USD 0.05 per NAVI

Purchase methods:
BTC, ETH, fiat

Tokens allocated for differents sales phases

Private Sale


100 million NAVIs
sale from 2M NAVIs per contributor


29.01.2018 – 28.02.2018

400 million NAVIs
from 200k NAVIs to 2M NAVIs per contributor


29.02.2018 – 31.03.2018

min 1000 NAVIs per contributor

NaviToken distribution and use of proceeds

Total Tokens Issued: 1 BN
Total Amount for Sale: 400 MM
Type: ERC20
Sales total: $20MM
Token Price: ICO: $0.05 per NAVI
Token address: 0x588047365df5ba589f923604aac23d673555c623

Use of Proceeds (USD 20M)

Blockchain protocol development

Integration & partnerships

Business development

Marketing & PR

OPEX and otherexpenses

Token Distribution (1BN NAVI)


ICO Participants

Allocated for building the addressing platform and ecosystem

Reserved by the company

Retained for current and future Management Team


The Pool of total unsold 500M NAVIs (the team, the company and the platform development reserves) is subject to the following lock-up restrictions during 36 months after the end of our ICO:

  • 6 months complete lock-up: NAVI are gradually released for sale only upon expiration of 6 months following the end date of ICO;
  • 30 months lock-up graduate release: NAVI are released for sale in 30 installments of 1/30th of the Pool on the 30th day following the last date of 6 months lock-up period and each of the releases thereafter.

To receive NaviTokens (NAVI) you:

  1. Create / verify postal Naviaddresses (gamification, incentivise development)
  2. Put Naviaddress up for auction
  3. Actively use product / applications (gamification, incentivise usage)

By participating in the pre-ICO and/or the ICO and exchanging NAVI with Ether, Bitcoin for Fiat currencies via bank transfer.

You can use NaviTokens to obtain Premium Naviddress via auction

  1. Directly from the Platform
  2. From the previous holder

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